Hey random people! It’s me again.

Today I want to talk to you about a really cool game, called Minecraft.

If you don’t know what minecraft is, it’s a game that is like our real world, but its all in blocks! The trees are blocks, the grass is blocks, even the animals are made in blocks! It might seem really weird to you, but if you play it, you will love it! (I think)

There are some famous youtubers that play this game, like PopularMMOs, TheDiamondMinecart and many others. I actually made a video on minecraft, but please don’t look at that, it’s truly awful.

The best device to play minecraft on, it’s on the computer. Well, for me it is! You can have it on XBox, computers, phones, tablets, PS4 and so much more! ( Hey, it rimed! XD)

If you would like to take a look at this game, go on to this website:


It costs around 20£

So that’s all for now, gamers!

Write to soon guys!This pic is funny :P


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