Waking up late….

Ok so once in a while everyone wakes up later than they should. That’s hapend to me twice in less than 3/4 days! This isn’t normal! My school lessons start at 8:30, and so if I want to take a shower (I take ages getting dressed :P) I wake up at 6:49. Yes I agree, it’s very precise. Then I have 1 minute to just like relax then I eventually get up (see its 6:55) and turn on the shower. I bring my clock in the bathroom so I can check the time.

Once, my alarm clock didn’t go off and I clearly remember setting it to 6:49, and when my dad walks in my room he wakes me up and says: (my name) darling it’s time to wake up, it’s 7:30. When he said 7:30 my eyes were wide open, I jumped out of bed and started panicking! I was still really confused, but I knew what was going on. I woke up really late. I took the fastest shower ever and just rushed. I think I forgot some of the books for school but I was really unlucky that day.

So yeah, like my alarm clock goes off, I turn it off, meaning to relax a bit and then I guess I nod off! It makes me really mad at myself for not getting up at the time I should have been up.

Have you ever woken up late for something?

I would really like to know if you have ever woken up late for something, not to be mean of course, but just out of curiosity.

That’s all for now,



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