Umm… I dunno… My birthday|Catching up| ??? Just read it :)

Haia random peeps! God I haven’t written on this site for AGEESSSS!!

So what has happend since, uhh, ( I don’t remember the last time I posted something). ANYWAYS

I have had my 12th birthday and that was pretty wicked. I stayed up all night – litterally. Although I kinda slept for one hour and fifteen minutes. It took ages convincing my BFF…. I recieved loads of prezzies! Although two really stood out. 1º – IPad. Like: WHAAAAA?  I actually recieved an IPAD! Its FANTABULOUS! Everything is incredible about it… Im such a lucky gal to own one of these…  2º – A small statue. Not any kind of statue though! Its a beautiful statue of a ballerina, with a leotard and everything! Hang on lemme see if I can get a pic of it.WIN_20150913_20_42_00_Pro Yeah thats me in the corner :’D

Its just simply GORGEOUS!

So I’m not gonna write a massive post about what has happend since the last time I posted and blah blah blah.

Catch up with ya soon!


#birthday #catching_up #hashtags_in_blogs #stap_it_hashtags_are_ok_for_facebook_and_instagram_not_for_blogs_now_i’m_going_to_go_now_byee


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