Umm… I dunno… My birthday|Catching up| ??? Just read it :)

Haia random peeps! God I haven’t written on this site for AGEESSSS!!

So what has happend since, uhh, ( I don’t remember the last time I posted something). ANYWAYS

I have had my 12th birthday and that was pretty wicked. I stayed up all night – litterally. Although I kinda slept for one hour and fifteen minutes. It took ages convincing my BFF…. I recieved loads of prezzies! Although two really stood out. 1ΒΊ – IPad. Like: WHAAAAA?Β  I actually recieved an IPAD! Its FANTABULOUS! Everything is incredible about it… Im such a lucky gal to own one of these…Β  2ΒΊ – A small statue. Not any kind of statue though! Its a beautiful statue of a ballerina, with a leotard and everything! Hang on lemme see if I can get a pic of it.WIN_20150913_20_42_00_Pro Yeah thats me in the corner :’D

Its just simply GORGEOUS!

So I’m not gonna write a massive post about what has happend since the last time I posted and blah blah blah.

Catch up with ya soon!


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I’m back!

Hey guys! I returned 2 days ago and I haven’t written anything. Sorry about that! Lately there hasn’t been any inspiration so when it does come, I will make sure to blog about that.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Mini Holdiay!!!

Where should I start?? I have no idea because I’m going on a mini holiday! I’m soooo excited! Mostly because I’m going to this place called Kidzania. This is the one of the funnest places in the world! Basicly, kids go to this place and we have kind of transformed into adults! There are jobs, we can work in pizza hut, be a police, a pilot, get a drivers licence…. It’s wowsers!

So I’m leaving today (Saturday) and I’m coming back tomorrow (Sunday).

Hope you have a funtastic weekend,


Some photos that I like :) Ok, lot’s….

As you read the title, you know what I’m going to post! Yep, photos. Some of them I did take, I will point that out when I do, but these are the photos that I love!



Absolutly Stunning!

Absolutly Stunning!

I love this pic cause it's TRUE! (I'm not a geek, btw)

I love this pic cause it’s TRUE! (I’m not a geek, btw)

I cry in despair................................ beacause I want him (or her) to be MINE!!! It's adorable!

I cry in despair………………………….. beacause I want him (or her) to be MINE!!! It’s adorable!

Every time I see this pic, I smile. Every time.

Every time I see this pic, I smile. Every time. πŸ™‚


Well, that guy can’t be THAT fast, he’s food!

Isn't this familiar....?

Isn’t this familiar….?

I have long, blonde straight hair but I LOVE it curly just like it is in the picture! So, when I went to the hairdresser, I asked if he could make my hair go curly, and this is how it looked!

I have long, blonde straight hair but I LOVE it curly just like it is in the picture! So, when I went to the hairdresser, I asked if he could make my hair go curly, and this is how it looked!

I took this picture!

I took this picture!

Ahahahha get it?? :D :D :D :D

Ahahahha get it?? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



Who can't love this pic?

Who can’t love this pic?


I would be scared too….

Wow, I love these pics! Some of them are really funny, like the one of the boy and the wedding.. Hope you liked them too!



Waking up late….

Ok so once in a while everyone wakes up later than they should. That’s hapend to me twice in less than 3/4 days! This isn’t normal! My school lessons start at 8:30, and so if I want to take a shower (I take ages getting dressed :P) I wake up at 6:49. Yes I agree, it’s very precise. Then I have 1 minute to just like relax then I eventually get up (see its 6:55) and turn on the shower. I bring my clock in the bathroom so I can check the time.

Once, my alarm clock didn’t go off and I clearly remember setting it to 6:49, and when my dad walks in my room he wakes me up and says: (my name) darling it’s time to wake up, it’s 7:30. When he said 7:30 my eyes were wide open, I jumped out of bed and started panicking! I was still really confused, but I knew what was going on. I woke up really late. I took the fastest shower ever and just rushed. I think I forgot some of the books for school but I was really unlucky that day.

So yeah, like my alarm clock goes off, I turn it off, meaning to relax a bit and then I guess I nod off! It makes me really mad at myself for not getting up at the time I should have been up.

Have you ever woken up late for something?

I would really like to know if you have ever woken up late for something, not to be mean of course, but just out of curiosity.

That’s all for now,



Hey random people! It’s me again.

Today I want to talk to you about a really cool game, called Minecraft.

If you don’t know what minecraft is, it’s a game that is like our real world, but its all in blocks! The trees are blocks, the grass is blocks, even the animals are made in blocks! It might seem really weird to you, but if you play it, you will love it! (I think)

There are some famous youtubers that play this game, like PopularMMOs, TheDiamondMinecart and many others. I actually made a video on minecraft, but please don’t look at that, it’s truly awful.

The best device to play minecraft on, it’s on the computer. Well, for me it is! You can have it on XBox, computers, phones, tablets, PS4 and so much more! ( Hey, it rimed! XD)

If you would like to take a look at this game, go on to this website:

It costs around 20Β£

So that’s all for now, gamers!

Write to soon guys!This pic is funny :P

School | Vines


So, as you probably guessed, this post is about school. Today I learnt how to rotate a triangle with 90 degrees positive and negative. I thought to myself:


I hope you can tell the anger in that πŸ˜€

But it’s true!

Why do I need to learn how to rotate triangles? It’s like, umm, right now, I don’t have anything to compare with, but you know what I mean! (I hope!)

It’s just really pointless on learning this. And in science, why do I need to know how plants reproduce? Now, if I was interested in this, I wouldn’t be complaining. But I hate what I’m learning! WHY do I need to know this? *sigh*


I’m pretty sure you know what a vine is. If you don’t, its basically a short video, like 10 seconds? Look it up on YouTube!

Well, I really like watching vines, I find them really entertaining! Some of them are quite dull, but loads of them are really cool, like Thomas Sanders! I adore the vines that he makes, they are really funny! And I think he has a twin brother…

That’s all for today guys, I’m just going to pack my bags for today, and unpack them tomorrow!